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Today (in 2013) the seat of the town’s government and town affairs resides at the Dixfield Town Office on Main Street. This building was made possible by a large gift from the Torrey family and also houses the town’s Post Office. Voting has been moved from the fire station to the Dixfield Legion Swasey-Torrey Post No. 100 building. Our schools are thriving and have proven to be among the best in the state. Although our farms have declined, the Board of Selectmen recently endorsed the state’s efforts in the promotion of farming throughout the state. Dixfield Village has evolved into the focal point of the town, but continues to be very much influenced by our neighbors on the Common and in East Dixfield.


Dixfield Historical Society Archives and Artifacts

Peter Stowell, DHS Historian

DHS Members

Marjorie Hall Bryant Papers, courtesy Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Laplant

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"Bicentennial Calendar", information from DHS Archives, 2003

Rose Family Diaries, DHS Coll.#122, 1874-1946

Town of Dixfield Records

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